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"ROSA"- Rural Organization for Social Advancement called "ROSA" Sansthan. It is a non government organization of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, which is working currently in Districts of Uttar Pradesh. The main target of the organization is poor families. They are struggling on their level but due to current socio & economic circumstances, their whole development is not progressive as per basic need for a dignity life. Main objective of the organization is promoting to national integration through social advancement and such work that community could be help by them. Its came into existence in 2003, this organization got registered under the Society Registration Act 21 of 1860. 


“ROSA” was established by a group of experienced social worker, this group observed that people working a brick kiln field with women and children & work very hard but they live in a very unsafe house & their children did not have the basic need of theirs. they work in unfavourable working condition keeping their lives in risk still they have always fear in mind the risk of livelihood.  
Nature: - A non- political organization under the power of Indian constitution.
Vision: - ROSA aspires for a just and equitable society.
Mission: - To Empower, Entitle & Enable marginalized/ disadvantageous communities, ensuring social development and well-being.

Org. Objectives:

  1. To build a harmonious self-reliant society and nation.
  2. Promoting public health, promoting family welfare, making effective creative efforts for public health promotion.
  3. To promote and conservation proper use of agriculture, animal husbandry, science, environment, rural technology and non-conventional energy sources.
  4. To promote and conservation of traditional folk arts and genres in the public interest.
  5. To Promote and implement education, health, people organization, income generation and agriculture programs for the overall development of the country.
  6. To work for the help of women, children, old people, handicapped, helpless, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, backward, minorities of the society.
  7. Coordination & support with organizations with similar objectives, and promoting voluntary work.
  8. Establishment of centres for program implementation, research, free publication, training and documentation of the organizational work.
  9. To promote the development of Khadi and Village Industries.
  10. Exchange and cooperation of necessary resources with local people, government, non-government, national and international organizations with similar objectives to fulfil the objectives of the organization.
  11. To respect and protect local folk tradition, culture and ideas.

Believes: - Entire development of society for the happy nation and this is possible only when every member of society will be happy.
Our principals: - We compliance with democratic process and respect each other without and differentiation on the basis of religion, caste and have equal opportunity for all at every level without any gender bias. We believe that “To help the people to help themselves”
Our Values: - To respect each other at every level of the society. Feeling of equality, availabilities of equal opportunities, transparency in development works, dedication towards self-discipline and responsibility.
Our core issue: - Social Advancement - promote health & nutrition, 1000 days care, promotion of fundamental education, child welfare, community-based livelihood promotion & employment, adolescent girls and women welfare and issue and those issues which are for social advancement.   
Our target group: - Children, Adolescent, Women & labour from poor families.
Working strategy: - To strengthen the collective decision and collective initiation through the way of non-violence in democratic process at every level.

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