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Alias "ROSA"
Location of registered  office:01 km from Banaras Railway station 04 km from Varanasi Jn. Railway station 04 Km from BHU 0.5 Km from BLW 27 Km from Varanasi airport
Infrastructure of the Organization:
  1. Conference Hall
  2. Registred office
  3. Fixed Assets Rs.1558997.00
Chief Functionary:Mustaque Ahmad, MSW +919450156972, +8874619862 Email –
02-Legal Status/Registration:
  • Registered under societies Registration Act, 21, 1860
  • Registered under Income Tax Act - 12A 
  • Registered under Income Tax Act – 80G 
  • Registered under FCRA -1976 
  • Registered under MCA 
  • Registration under EPF 
  • Registered under ESIC 
  • PAN No. - AAAAR5396P 
  • TAN No.- ALDR03919G 
03-Our focus working area:

Eastern part of Utter Pradesh in India. Our presence-

  1. Chandauli, UP (79 villages)
  2. Azamgarh, UP (114 villages)
  3. Ghazipur, UP (160 Villages)
  4. Balrampur, UP (30 Villages)
04-Origin:"ROSA" was established by an experienced social worker, working in the field of civil society. He observed in rural area, that people working a as a labour work very hard but they live in unsafe house & their children did not have the basic right of theirs. They work in unfavorable working conditions keeping their lives in risk still they at always fear in mind the risk of livelihood. There families and children are far away form the better education & health and protection issues.
05-Our vision:ROSA aspires for a just and equitable society
06- Our mission:To Empower, Entitle & Enable marginalized/ disadvantageous communities, ensuring social development and well-being

To build of self-dependent society & Nation.

To implement program related to education, health, people organization, income generation & agriculture for the integrated development of the nation.

To work for helping the women, children, old person, helpless, schedule cast, schedule tribes, backwards & minorities of the society.

To create network with the society with equal objectives & promote the voluntarisms.

To establish the centers for the implementation of programs, research, documentation, free publication & training of the betterment of the society.

To inter change and help, for required resources with local people, government, non-government, national & international society for achieving the objectives of the society having the similar objectives

08-Our believes:Entire development of society for the happy nation and this is possible only when every member of society will be happy.
09-Our principles:We compliance with democratic process and respect each other without any differentiation on the basis of religion, caste and have equal opportunity for all at every level without any gender bias. we believe that ‘To help the people to help themselves’
10-Our Value:To respect each other at every level of the society, feelings of equality, availabilities of equal opportunities, transparency in development works, dedication towards target. Self-discipline & responsibility.
11-Working strategy:To strengthen the collective decision and collective initiation through the way of nonviolence in democratic process at every level.
12-Our Nature:A non-political organization under the power of constitution of India.
13-Target group:Children, adolescent, women, labour of rural area of deprived society.
14-Focus group:Children and Women of ultra poor families of rural area.


project offices

:Project office- 1- C/o Budha Narayan Gupta Near Bongariya bazar 
District Azamgarh, UP, INDIA. 
Project office- 2- C/o Phalu Gupta, Newajganj, Chakia, Chandauli, UP, INDIA 
Project office- 3- C/o Kiran Singh, Fullanpur, Ghazipur, UP, INDIA 
Project office- 4-C/o Pradeep Narayan Singh, Patel Chauk, Sikandarpur, 
Chakia, Chandauli, UP, INDIA 
Project office- 5- C/o Ketaki Pandey, Syam Vihar Colony, Bahraich 
road, District Balrampur, UP, INDIA
16-Address a) Registered & correspondence office.  :

     Mustaque Ahmad

     Chief Functionary

     Rural Organization for Social Advancement

    (ROSA Sansthan)

    Kakarmatta (Near- Adersh ball

    vidyalya) ROSA Colony

    PO - DLW,

   Thana – Manduadih,

   District: Varanasi-221004, UP, India

17-E- Mail
18-Contact person & E-mail address:Mr. Mustaque Ahmad, (MSW), Chief Functionary
19-Contact No.:+919450156972, +918874619862
20-Total Staff:49  Employees 41 Paid Volunteers
21-Our core issue:
  1. Health & Nutrition
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. WASH
  4. Child Protection
  5. Relief service
  6. Skill development
  7. Child education
  8. Community based Livelihood Promotion
22-Our donor/supporter:
  1. LUSH, USA
  2. Bread for the word, Germany
  3. CRY, Mumbai.
  4. NABARD, Lucknow
  5. IGSSS, New Delhi
  6. CASA, New Delhi
  7. NEG-FIRE, New Delhi
  8. India Litracy Project - USA
  9. British Asian Trust-BAT- UK
  10. India donate- New Delhi
  11. Give- USA
  12. Actionaid, New Delhi
  13. Donatecart, Banglore
23-Our affiliation:
  • DLSA, Azamgarh & Chandauli
  • PLV, Azamgarh & Chandauli
  • DLVC, Azamgarh
  • DHF, Azamgarh
  • RKS, Jahanaganj
  • Block task force, Jahanaganj Chakia
  • AHTU, Azagmarh
  • ASHA mentoring group, Azamgarh
  • DCPC, Azamgarh
  • DRG, Azamgarh
  • BCPC, Chakia, Chandauli, Tarwa, Azamgarh
  • RSETI, Azamgarh, Chandauli and maharajganj
  • Udyog vibhag & KVK, Azamgarh & Chandauli
  • BCPC, Chakia, Chandauli
  • Sathi forum, Azamgarh
  • HLN, UP & Bihar
24-Working area 
  • 04 District
  • 09 development block
  • 186 Gram panchayat
  • 382 village
25-Org. Policies 
  • Human resource policy
  • Finance policy
  • Communication Policy
  • Diversity & Inclusion policy
  • Safe guarding policy
  • Whistle blowing policy
  • Risk management policy
  • Anti-fraud policy
  • Inclusion policy
  • Ethical code & conflict of interest policy
  • Child Protection policy
  • Certificate of accreditation on Finance management from CPA, New Delhi. and credibility alliance, New Delhi
  • Certificate of accreditation on Good governance of Voluntary Organization from Credibility alliance, New Delhi
  • Many more certificate and letter of appreciation from deferent government department.
27Annual budget (INR) 
  • 86,69,663.91 (2019-20)
  • 77,66,483.34 (2020-21)
  • 98,29,808.46 (2021-22)
28Experience on implementation work 
  • 20 Years org. work
29Social media & web page 

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