Inclusion Policy

Rural Organization for Social Advancement
Statement of Commitment:
ROSA Sansthan’s motto “Manav Seva me Samarpit” (which means dedicated for human service”)
drives the organisational actions on ground. As we are dedicated to service for humanity, all
human beings are equal for us and we are committed for the cause of humanity in general.
We, hereby commit that we will ensure that all our programs & interventions create no
discrimination based on religion, caste, creed, gender, disability, region, language, ethnicity,
economic level, ideology and such other discriminatory factors and will promote the concept
diversity at each level of the organisation & its functions.
Though fundamentally we are committed to the cause of overall humanity, however the social
realities & dynamics has pushed certain groups to the margins of the society & thereby excluded
them from the development process. ROSA is thus committing itself to ensure that needs of such
excluded & marginalised groups (which means individuals & groups who remain behind the
development indices of that era) are given due attention and create an inclusive environment both
internally & in its area of operation.
Principles & Values:
Our Core Values
To respect each other at every level of the society, feelings of equality, availabilities of equal
opportunities, transparency in development works, dedication towards target. Self discipline &
Our believes
Entire development of society for the happy nation and this is possible only when every member of
society will be happy.
Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion at Work place:
• ROSA shall proactively search for candidates from such excluded groups/communities.
• ROSAshall give opportunity to individuals from such excluded groups/communities to become
part of the team.
• Will make reasonable accommodation while hiring them i.e. relaxation in eligibility criteria
provided S/He demonstrates that willingness & interest for the role.
• In case of Persons with disability, they shall be appointed for appropriate/suitable jobs which
suits to their ability.
Opportunities for Growth & Development:
• If they lack experience or capacities, will provide capacity building, handholding &
accompaniment to ensure they match up with the demand of job
• Will encourage everyone to access growth opportunities (like promotion, capacity building,
responsibilities etc.) available within organisation and there will be no discrimination made,
however performance shall be the basic criteria wherein accountability, commitment, effort
weighs on higher side.
Overcoming attitudinal barriers:
• Should not address/call persons by their physical or social status (disability, gender, caste
name, marital status etc.) which can hurt/harm the individuals.
• Should neither practice nor promote any form of untouchability within the organisation and
should work towards breaking such social norms within the organisation.(eg; cooking & eating
• Should encourage everyone to participate in all aspects/functions of the organisation
irrespective of their status.
• Should not make fun/tease anyone because of their challenging situation.
Addressing Infrastructure barriers:
• As and where possible, organisation shall make the space/infrastructure disabled friendly and
accommodative to gender needs.
• Considering the safety & security, female employees shall be assigned areas close to their area
of residence which doesn’t affect their mobility and rescue.
• Considering the social realities, female employees shall be given a relaxation of (15 min) for
arrival after office time and shall be allowed to leave by 4 pm in the evening.
• In case, female employees get late in the evening, organisation shall take up the responsibility to
get them dropped (if they wish/need to)
• If the members immediate family is supporting the female employees for taking them to field
areas (transportation) & helping them to settle at work, their presence/accompaniment would be
allowed unless it doesn’t conflict with the work of the organisation.
• In case, identity of person experienced/ing trauma (eg: status of HIV, victims of torture) which
can put them into vulnerability or if they are not willing to share their stature or if legally
required, the organisation shall keep such information confidential.
Decision making bodies/structures:
• Based on the type of decision making body, organisation shall try to promote representation of
all categories in such bodies, based on their capacities and abilities to fulfil the responsibilities in
such bodies/structures.
Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion in Programs:
• Shall make deliberate attempts to identify excluded groups in all the communities.
• Will make sure that representation of all type of groups are involved in the planning processes at
ground level especially all excluded members of the community.
• Shall ensure that they participate in the activities conducted in the program.
Awareness, Attitude & Behaviour Change in Community:
• Will create awareness and emphasise on doing away with various social
evils/customs/traditions/beliefs which excludes vulnerable communities.
• Will create awareness and work towards brining attitudinal change of community in general,
towards the needs, issues and challenges faced by the vulnerable groups/communities and
provide support to them.
• Will create awareness and emphasise in communities to do away with all forms of
discriminatory practices.
• All team members of ROSA are expected to behave in manners which is socially non
discriminative(greeting, sitting with people, accepting food/water offered).
• All team members are expected to remain non partial in their dealing and should not give
importance to only a few individuals.
Increase Participation & Capacities of excluded groups in community programs:
• Will take steps, to make sure that excluded groups are included in various forms of Community
Based organisations promoted by the organisation and make the CBOs inclusive and diversified.
• Will promote participation of excluded groups in various governance platforms (like gram sabha).
• If opportunities arise, will lobby for inclusion the participation of such excluded groups in various
government committees (like School management committee, Mata Samiti, VHND or other such
• Will work towards building their capacities to participate effectively in various development
Reporting of Violation of Diversity & Inclusion policy:
If any violations of the policy are observed, the team members are expected to report it to the
organisational management.
Action against violation
All violation against the policy are liable to disciplinary action as per ROSA’s HR policy.
Approved dated- 08 July 2018

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